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Spoofy New Metal Video

Exasperated with the state of nu-metal, comedian Brian Posehn of Mr. Show and Just Shoot Me! has made a cheeky music video parodying all the things wrong with today’s metal scene (including acts like Dragonforce and Megadeth). Posehn posits modern metal is so cliched, it can be broken down to the following formula: “Metal by numbers / One, two three / Follow these rules and you’ll see / Cookie Monster vocals and yell like a Wookiee / Metal by numbers / COOKIE COOKIE COOKIE!” He also instructs would-be metal music makers about when to insert melodies and when to mosh. While some online critics are taking offense to the satiric video, the assaulting guitar shreds from Anthrax’s Scott Ian have most metal-heads forgiving Posehn.

Now Watch This:

Here’s what the people are saying on YouTube:

“This is the greatest metal song ever written about metal.” — ChemicalTaint

“I guess the comedy and acting didn’t work?” — collectiblebooks

“A new ‘Weird’ Al Yankovic?” — frontiera

“Haha! HELLZ YEAH! Thank you man! Thanks for showing what true metal is like.” — SpicAlmighty

“I didn’t think it was hilarious…I don’t like how he grouped Death/Black Metal together with Metalcore 🙁 poopie.” — Xpert74

“As a metal fan, I will be the last to deny that THE BAD part of the metal scene is absolutely 100 percent like Brian has described it. Heard this song on the radio the other night and couldn’t stop laughing. Good work.” — neesodemonofthefall