Record Label Goes Green

The label that Nirvana once called home, Sub Pop Records, announced that it has become the first record label in the U.S. to become Green-e certified, as they’re using renewable electricity (wind energy) to power their business. Seattle-based Sub Pop, which now houses bands like the Shins, Wolf Parade, the Postal Service, among others, has purchased enough renewable energy credits (a.k.a. Green Tags) from the non-profit organization, the Bonneville Environmental Foundation, to equal 100 percent of their company’s energy use. “Green Tags are a simple way for anyone to choose wind energy, which, in turn, lowers dependence on burning fossil fuels for energy,” Jonathan Poneman, president of Sub Pop Records, said in a statement. “Green Tags fulfill an important commitment to both the planet and the Pacific Northwest, where Sub Pop is rooted.”

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