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Pete Doherty, the Streets Collaborate on Drug Track

Pete Doherty and the Streets’ Mike Skinner have joined forces for an updated version of “Prangin’ Out,” Skinner’s tale of his own battle with cocaine. Doherty has been working on the track at Skinner’s Shed Studios in London, where he contributed a spoken-word section he wrote. “His style on ‘Prangin’ Out’ reminds me of his early stuff,” Skinner told “But I wouldn’t call it ‘rapping.’ Pete’s more of a poet, so it sounds really poetic.” Skinner told the publication he’d been trying to work with Doherty for some time, but that “he’s quite a difficult person to get hold of.” Both Doherty and Skinner have battled with drugs, but where Doherty continues to wander in and out of rehab, Skinner has ditched his substance abuse problem to train for the New York Marathon.

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