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Partying Post-Apartment Fire

Brandon either has no personal possessions he’d be devastated if he lost or he’s just nearly impossible to discourage. After a fire tears through his apartment complex, Brandon doesn’t wait to make sure his furniture hasn’t been scorched or his entertainment system charred; rather, our favorite photographer goes (where else?) for more drinks. From Largo, to the Roosevelt, to Vine Bar, follow Brandon as he embarks on his latest outing.

Hello, hello. Tonight we’re headed west to Fairfax Street, a Hollywood mainstay for music and comedy. Many pivotal moments in the comedy world have been decided during a meal at Canter’s deli. After a cup of coffee, I cross the street to…

Largo. They say “no flash photography” so I’ll have to be stealth at The Paul F. Tompkins show!

Paul’s show was hilarious, but he seemed anxious to get to the after-party. His buddy David Foley covered. For me, there is only one thing you can do after a great comedy show.

Take off your pants,…


David has some new tricks up his sleeve at the Roosevelt, where people drink and swim at night.

Lilly and Jordan sit poolside.

Samantha sits royally, as it is her birthday.

Girls do NOT like this technique, from what I understand.

Angels float around the pool.

These are the dudes they’ll probably go home with.

Cellist Oli Kraus and friends.

Goodnight Roosevelt! From water…

…to fire. When I arrive at my apartment building I learn that someone’s kitchen burst into flames. Everyone is alright and the fire has just been put out. My apartment is intact and full of firemen — a fantasy for some, but really weird to me.

I go next door to Vine Bar for a cool-my-apartment-didn’t-burn-down drink. Stan buys — thanks, man.

Joe Hirshley lightens the mood.

I push my way over to the dance floor.

Cute-girl poses, then I see

Cory Kennedy taking pictures. Is she ripping off Cobrasnake? I thought that was my job!

Models position for Cory’s camera..

L.A. kids love to be in pictures. Shine on you crazy Vine Bar!

x brandon