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OK Go Video A ‘Terrifying Experience’

Ok, so maybe there were a few injuries during the making of OK Go’s “Here it Goes Again” video which finds the band artfully dancing on treadmills (read more). “If you stepped with the wrong foot for some of those moves you were just toast,” guitarist Damian Kulash told “This happened to us a few times. The treadmills suck you into the middle of their nest. It’s kind of a terrifying experience.” The high-stepping, butt-sliding choreography in the video came courtesy of Kulash’s sister and was shot about 15 to 20 times with the band only getting through it completely about two or three times.

Though the band had fun making the video, don’t expect them to be doing any synchronized swimming or three-legged races in future clips. “We’ve dangerously painted ourselves in the corner of being that dancing group,” Kulash said, referring to the band’s video for “A Million Ways,” in which the band perform a deliciously choreographed routine on a backyard patio. “It’s sort of imperative that we make people remember that we’re a rock band and not just a dog and pony show.”

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