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My Chemical Romance’s Alter Ego

Gerard Way, frontman for goth heavyweights My Chemical Romance,has a new, blonde ‘do, and a new name for his band: The Black Parade.At their Hammersmith Palais gig in London yesterday (Aug. 23), it wasannounced the band would not be taking the stage and that a band namedthe Black Parade would be headlining instead, according to NME. Whenthe chorus of boos over the news subsided, it became apparent the BlackParade was in fact My Chemical Romance. Despite the identity crisis,the band still played hits like “I’m Not OK” and “Helena,” as well asnew ones from their unsurprisingly titled third album, The Black Parade (out Oct. 24).

Their legions of fans ain’t mad at them. Here’s what they’re saying on MySpace:

“Omy gosh! You guys were GLORIOUS at Hammersmith last night! Love the newstuff, the new look too Gee! You were DIVINE! Hope you had as much of agrand time as I did! Love Love Love!” — Amy

“The show last night fuckin’ rocked! We even joined in the the Black Parade procession! I luv the new look!” — Poison_Rebel

“MCR ROCK FOR ETERNITY! and The Black Parade ;)” — give me all your poison

“Thatgig last night AWESOME! You guys rocked, and I loved every second ofit! Now it all makes sense, those freaky people all in black with noface that walked past the queue, they were the Black Parade! All of youthat went will know what I’m on about! And The Black Parade,for those of you who don’t know, is the name of their new album! It’sabout a man (a patient in hospital) that dies and the only memory hehas left is of his father when they were at a Parade (Black=death at aParade). You see it all makes sense now! — *Uber rad, and Awesome and now even ACER!!*

“Thanksfor the LEGENDARY gig last night. Loved the new music, it sounds sooodifferent from all your other material, much more groundbreaking andheavier. It was really great to meet you all too — BEST NIGHT OF MYLIFE EVER!” — Fat Boy

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