Mars Volta See Yellow

The Mars Volta abruptly left the stage at Seattle’s 15th annual Endfest rock festival (Aug. 12) after audience members allegedly threw bottles of urine at the band. Thirty minutes into the band’s set, guitarist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez smashed his guitar against an amp and threw it to the ground after suffering technical problems, which singer Cedric Bixler-Zavala suggested were caused by the organizers’ decision to “build a venue on a sacred burial ground.” While that clearly frustrated the prog jam-happy band, the crowd’s decision to toss bottles of bodily excretion at the group didn’t help matters either. “I will pay $100 to $1,000 to somebody to find the person that’s throwing urine up here,” Bixler-Zavala told the crowd before rushing off stage. “I will give you free merchandise and a lifetime supply [of tickets] to a Mars Volta show. Find that person and kick his ass for me, bring me his head– and we’ll be friends!”

Endfest seemed cursed from the get-go: A few weeks back, Modest Mouse cancelled their appearance to work on a new album, and Snow Patrol had to back out since heightened airport security in England kept them from entering the U.S.

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