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Lollapalooza Style File

There’s definitely no dress code at Lollapalooza. Concert kids dodge the 80-degree heat, their own sweat, and other’s beer cups while still trying to look cute enough to convince themselves that Kanye West or Leslie Feist will want to sleep with them.

Like any outdoor festival involving sun and crowds, you can’t go wrong with a t-shirt and shorts. Sure you’re protected, but isn’t that a bit boring for a festival with tens of thousands of people to impress? Lollapalooza also presents its own unique challenges, though.

And that’s where comes in to help. The following collection of festival fashion finds should give you a taste of must-have style if you’re coming to Lollapalooza tomorrow, next year, or just playing dress-up with “Crazy” pulsing through your iPod. KURT SOLLER / PHOTOS BY RACHEL AHERIN