Locksley’s Heavy-Rotation Video

Brooklyn-based retro rockers Locksley have become MTV darlings thanks to the mtvU program, The Freshman, on which “Why Not Me” became an instant fave. Now the song is the theme for the network’s new show, “Why Can’t I Be You?” Shockingly, the quartet are unsigned and are in no rush to ink a record deal. “It seems if you’re unsigned almost anything you do is credible,” frontman Jesse Laz told SPIN.com, referring to why his band receives little flack for featuring their tunes on the mega-network. In fact, they’ve found getting props from MTV a welcome surprise. “It’s like winning the lottery,” Laz said. “It’s sort of shocking and I don’t know what to do with it.”

MTV has big plans for the band, though, and the media giant set their catchy single that — with its Alex Kapranos-style vocal intonations and Brit-invasion era riffs sounds straight from across the pond — to what looks like a big-budget video. How do their peers view the video? “They see it as a Trojan horse that sneaks into the establishment to open up doors for other unsigned bands,” he said. And while Locksley are content to self-release their first full-length, which drops in November, Laz was quick to joke, “We’ll see if we change our tune when we totally run out of money.”

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