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Kanye’s Lollapalooza Meltdown

Kanye West’s performance at last weekend’s Lollapalooza was plagued by sound problems, frustrating the Chi-Town rapper so much he threatened to fire his manager in the middle of his performance. “Y’all embarrass me in front of my city?” West said, referring to his management. “There’s gonna be some repercussions!” Still, West ultimately won over his hometown crowd, delivering a strong post-meltdown set with “Drive Slow.”

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Here’s what the Lollapalooza-goers are saying:

“Starting off with a technical error that left a pocket of the audience unable to hear Kanye’s vocals, the concert maintained a relatively low level of energy until Kanye busted out ‘Jesus Walks’ near the end of the set.” —

“Unfortunately, [West] was plagued by sound problems. The first two songs, ‘Diamonds of Sierra Leone’ and ‘Heard ‘Em Say’ were barely audible. The crowd kept chanting, ‘Turn it up.’ They never totally got it fixed, and microphones kept going in and out. At one point, Kanye roared, ‘I do shows all over the world and come back to my city, and now ya’ll are gonna (mess) up the sound. There’s gonna be some changes after this.'” —

“As night fell, Kanye West (music)’s hometown crowd was well over 50,000 and enthralled as he opened with ‘Diamonds of Sierra Leone’ but the one-minute blackouts between songs, long snippets of Eurythmics, and minor sound problems kept his set from being triumphant.” —

“It wouldn’t be Kanye without drama. The rapper is thrown off by sound problems and complains about coming home after touring the world and having to deal with his vocals cutting out.” —

“Despite early technical problems that prompted West to grumble that his sound crew had ’embarrassed me in front of my city,’ the rapper delivered dramatic versions of ‘Jesus Walks,’ ‘Gold Digger’ and ‘Crack Music.'” —

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