Indie Music Marketing 101

“Clell Tickle: Indie Marketing Guru” follows comedian Aziz Ansari as he plays the title character responsible for introducing Tapes ‘n Tapes to the indie music world. Tickle’s three-step program for making bands huge is unconventional, prompting an FBI investigation into his tactics of, as one agent described, “using violence and intimidation to secure promotions for the bands he works with.” Among the steps of Tickle’s marketing program is getting music to the bloggers — even if that includes threatening to maim them. A Ted Leo stand-in calls Tickle “the Suge Knight of Indie Rock” while a Devendra Banhart impersonator bemoans how Tickle ripped out his beard. “Not gonna lie — in this business, you’re gonna get your hands dirty sometimes,” Tickle says. “I got gold records on my wall, and I got blood on my hands.”

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