This Ice Cap’s For You!

While Coors is busy tapping the Rockies, a brewery in Greenland is gathering up water from the melting Arctic ice cap to create their unique dark and pale ales. The Inuit microbrewery that makes Greenland Beer is located 390 miles south of the Arctic Circle, and brewers say the water from the ice cap, which is melting due to global warming, is at least 2,000 years old and free of minerals and pollutants, according to the BBC. Those who have tasted it have reported that the beer, which was officially launched in Copenhagen on Monday (July 31), is “smooth, soft, but not bitter,” according to the AP. Don’t live in Greenland (or nearby)? No problem — the brewery is thinking big. “We’ve got enquiries from the U.S. and from Germany and we will probably be launching it on the German market in, let’s say, six months,” Steen Outzen, the brewery owner, told the BBC.

Talk: Should the brewery donate a portion of its profits to an environmental organization working to prevent global warming? COMMENT


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