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Hurricane Katrina Spawns ‘Wu Orleans’ Album

On the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, which ravaged the Gulf Coast one year ago today, President Bush has made his way to New Orleans to not only remember the country’s costliest national disaster, but to speak on the rebuilding efforts and celebrate community spirit. DJ BC, perhaps unintentionally, is also working on the spiritual rebirth of the storm-torn area with his mash-up project Wu Orleans, which features Wu-Tang Clan lyric’s over Dixieland jazz songs, and it features fun song titles like “Just the Wu of Us” and “When the Meth Comes Marching In.” As of press time, the album is available for free download on DJ BC’s website.

Here’s what the people are saying about the mash-up album:

“OMG the whole thing is amazing. I believe my favorite so far is ‘When The Meth Comes Marching In,’ with the unlikely pairing of Louis Armstrong and Method Man.” —

“This works amazingly well, believe it or not. I highly recommend it if you enjoy Wu Tang, Dixieland jazz, mashups, or cognitive dissonance in general.” —

“We’re as tired as the next guys of all the bedroom ‘DJ’s’ throwing mash-ups together, but once in a while we catch something vaguely amusing. This combo of the WU-TANG CLAN and Dixieland Jazz may not showcase the best mixing skills, but definitely shows some originality – pretty rare these days.” —

“You like the Wu-Tang Clan? You like dixie jazz of Nawlins? You always say ‘why can’t those two things just mash already?’ And you wonder about how best to prove derivative functions? Well, I’ve got what you’ve always wanted: Wu Orleans. It’s unbelievably energetic and fun.” —

“With the one year anniversary of Katrina’s landfall in New Orleans coming up [today], this serves as a pretty unique memorial to the music of the city.” —

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