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Hospitalized Korn Fan Dies

Andy Richardson, who was hospitalized and on life support after a violent incident at Korn’s show in Atlanta Sunday night (red more), died on Tuesday (Aug. 1). Richardson, 30, had been pronounced brain dead but was being kept alive at Grady Memorial Hospital so doctors could find recipients for his organs, according to the AP. As previously reported, Richardson was allegedly attacked at the Korn concert at Atlanta’s HiFi Buys Amphitheatre after he asked two men in the mosh pit to be careful around his girlfriend and a child that was with them. Police say they still only have a vague description of the men.

The band has yet to release an official statement, but here’s what readers had to say (read more):

“It is pretty sad that a group of idiots have to fight to have a good time. Mosh pits are for people who don’t really understand music or rock, they are just posers. Killing a man for watching out for his girlfriend and mentally challenged child is pathetic…” — curtiss

“I really feel for Richardson and his family. I photograph a lot of shows from the photo pit. And I’ve seen more people get hurt than you can imagine. I’ve seen bands stop and say…’Okay, we didn’t come here to see you fight…’ Hope the guy is okay.” — concert photographer

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