Grohl to Buy Beer for Miners

Two Australian miners trapped underground for two weeks said they listened to Foo Fighters to keep their spirits up during their ordeal, and a genuinely touched Dave Grohl has promised to take the men out for beers to toast their safe release. “You know what? I’m not just having one beer with those dudes — we’re going for it,” Grohl told Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio today. “This is going to be a big night.” The men — Brant Webb, 37, and Todd Russell, 34 — were stuck underground for two weeks when the mine they were working on in Beaconsfield near Australia’s southern Tasmania state collapsed, according to the AP. As workers passed the men several items to keep them busy while they worked to rescue them, Webb asked that Foos music be downloaded onto a player that was lowered into the mine. Foo frontman Grohl, upon hearing this, sent the men a message of support and offered to fly them to the U.S. for a drink. Now that Foo Fighters have an Australian tour planned for October, Grohl says he will make good on his promise taking the miners out.

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