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Good Charlotte Ready ‘Mature’ New Album

Good Charlotte will release their fourth, as-yet-untitled album in early 2007, and the band is calling it a more mature effort. “We’re still young and have a lot to learn, but I really feel we’ve grown up a lot over the past three albums,” Joel Madden said in a statement. “We’ve never been more secure with who we are and that gives us the confidence to follow our instincts and share exactly how we feel.” Some of what they’re sharing with fans is their emotional catharsis on songs like “Misery” and “Victims of Love,” about Benji’s recent breakup and Joel’s “great relationship” with Hilary Duff. Fans of GC’s more upbeat material needn’t worry though, as, according to Benji, the brothers’ experience as DJs at star-studded events influenced the vibe of this album. “I think we’re both really getting into watching people move to music,” Benji said. “As a result, this record is a lot dancier than anything we’ve ever done.”

While the new album won’t be out until early next year, GC will hit the road this fall for an intimate club tour. “We haven’t played any small places in a long time,” Joel said. “[We] want it to be really intimate so we can get face-to-face with our fans.”

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