Fan Assaulted at Korn Concert

Following a fight at a Korn show in Atlanta, a fan is in the hospital on life support, and has been declared brain dead. Police told Atlanta’s WSB-TV that 30-year-old Andy Richardson was allegedly assaulted by two fellow concertgoers in a mosh pit during a show at the Hi-Fi Buys Amphitheater. Richardson had asked the men in the pit to be careful not to hurt his girlfriend or a mentally-challenged child they had with them, and a fight broke out that ended somewhat quickly, according to reports. But one of the men returned later, hit Richardson in the head, and knocked him headfirst onto the concrete. “Can you imagine your child goes to a concert and be killed for it, because of people out there fighting to have a ‘good time’?” Richardson’s mother told WBS-TV.

Richardson’s mother said her son is not expected to live. Police are still investigating, though they only have a vague description of the subjects. A spokesperson for Korn had no comment on the incident.

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