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Pinback have been crafting delicate indie pop since 1998, andthey’re about to release a compilation of their earliest B-sides,outtakes, and rarities recorded from 1998-2002 in one album, Nautical Antiques(out Sept. 5). The band revealed in a statement they’re releasing thesesongs, some of which they called “live staples to this day,” so fanswouldn’t have to pay a fortune for the rare cuts. It’s unclear if”Concrete Sounds,” which was recorded in 2002, is one of those livestaples since, as Pinback’s Zach Smith told SPIN.com, the original demoversion of the track that’s featured on Nautical Antqiues seemsbetter suited for a bedroom. “The thing I like about the original trackis that it was much slower and done with a drum machine, not livedrums,” Smith said. “This version is more half-done — it was neverfinally mixed.”

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Pinback – “Concrete Sounds” (Download MP3)

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