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Ex-Panic Bassist to Band: Pay Up

Brent Wilson, the former Panic! at the Disco bassist and founding member who parted ways with the band in May, says he’ll take legal action against his former bandmates if they don’t pay him a share of royalties from the band’s platinum-selling debut, A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out. In a letter he says he sent to the band on Monday, Wilson told Panic they had 14 days to pay him, otherwise he would take the case to court. “Basically, I want to get what I deserve: my fair percentage from the album,” Wilson told MTV News. “I honestly don’t care if my reputation has suffered from what they’ve said, or will suffer because of this suit. All I care about is the fact that my supposed friends have f—ed me out of what’s legally mine.”

A spokesperson for Panic! at the Disco reached by had no comment on the matter.

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