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Dylan Gets ‘Modern,’ Stars in iPod Ad

Apple has enlisted buzzed-about bands like Caesars, Gorillaz, and Wolfmother, among others, for their previous iPod commercials, and now the tech giant adds Bob Dylan to that list. In their new iPod spot, the legendary folkie strums “Someday Baby” from his forthcoming release, Modern Times, as the commercial’s trademark silhouetted dancer, sporting her iPod, shimmies across the screen. The ad does differ from its predecessors, which have been shot in vibrant colors, as it’s cast in shades of black and white.

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Here’s what the commercial-watchers are saying in the blogosphere:

“Nice ad! I liked some of those close up shots of the fretboard as he was playing. Never thought I would be jazzed about a new iPod + iTunes ad.” — Deefuzz,

“This is the same man that sold his image and song to a Victoria’s Secret commercial a year or two back. Guess he’s hard up for cash. — ~christine,

“I love this commercial — it is fabulous. But then again, I love anything Dylan [does]. It’s definitely an improvement over the other iPod ads with dancers, U2, etc.” — rockthecasbah,

“Cool commercial and Bob Dylan is cool! But I think the other iPod ads are better, the ones where the musicians don’t appear.” — vgpavao,

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