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The Debut of P-Unit

The wildly popular new marketing campaign for Smirnoff vodka, which features some rapping prepped-out Ivy Leaguers, is drawing largely positive reactions from online pundits. “Straight out of Cape Cod, we’re keeping it real / We’re gonna have a party that makes the ladies squeal,” the popped-collared, sweater-clad rapper of Prep-Unit spits. Among the treats this self-professed “New England gangsta” offers to score one of the debutantes in his entourage are high tea in the parlor (“it makes the ladies holla”) and Smirnoff’s new malt beverage, Raw Tea. The cheeky video has become a viral marketing hit in the vein of Snakes on a Plane (read more).

Now Watch This:

Here are some clutch comments from YouTube:

“That was embarassingly funny.” — mazlow01

“Poor, poor Smirnoff. I wouldn’t expect an ad agency to bite ‘Lazy Sunday’ so hard, but they did. And the copywriter should consider another career. Painful. Truly painful.” — SlumberDome

“Funny shit — wish I knew some foxy chicks like that. I’d have a Smirnoff party with club sandwiches in my shower.” — drsuperfresh

“This was probably the greatest anything ever. Greenwich WASPs represent!” — aoeaolaoe

“Best video ever. If you don’t like it, it’s just because you’re not preppy.” — danpatrick24

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