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Who? Rhode Island isn’t known for its grind-core scene but it might be soon if Daughters has anything to do with it. Led by monstrous drums, metal vocals, and a general vibe of unrelenting chaos, the quintet of Alexis Marshall (vocals), Brent Frattini (guitar), Jon Syverson (drums), Nicholas Andrew Sadler (guitar), and Samuel Moorehouse Walker (bass), unleash the fury on their latest album, Hell Songs.

What’s the Deal? Hell Songs is a 10-track, 23-minute frenetic ride. Marshall’s frenzied screams and satanic vocals lead an unrelenting charge of impossibly fast beats racing through tracks typically ringing in at under two minutes (though “Cheers, Pricks” plays out for a staggering six minutes even). The spazzy, jerky noise of Hell Songs and the lack of identifiable song structure show Daughters are prepared to offer a brass-knuckled punch to the face of any detractors.

Fun Fact: The band’s debut, Canada Songs, was 10 songs and 11 minutes long. Additionally, the band is addicted to Sparks, the sweet and fizzy malt liquor energy beverage. ALYSSA RASHBAUM

Now Hear This: Daughters – “Fiery” (Download MP3)

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