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The Colour

Who? Despite the spelling of their moniker and their obvious predilection for the Rolling Stones, the Colour are not a British band. The Los Angeles-based quintet — Wyatt Hull (vocals), Davey Quon (guitar), Luke MacMaster (guitar), Derek VanHeule (bass), and Nathan Warkentin (drums) — met as art students, and they’re releasing Devil’s Got a Holda Me as a prelude to forthcoming album Between Earth & Sky.

What’s the Deal? Wyatt Hull’s vocals on Devil’s Got a Holda Me drip with a surprising amount of sexy rock’n’roll swagger considering the weighty themes he dwells on, which include religion, spirituality, and the natural world. And his band’s album boasts tons of bluesy pulses and gritty riffs, especially on its excellent title track.

Fun Fact: Not wanting his art school education to go to waste, drummer Nathan Warkentin designed the artwork for Devil’s Got a Holda Me. TRICIA SUMMERS

Now Hear This: The Colour – “Devil’s Got a Holda Me” (Download MP3)

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