Who? In 2003, when they were still juniors or seniors in high school, the members of Peoria, AZ’s A Change of Pace — Torry Jasper (vocals), Adam Rodgers (guitar), Johnny Abdullah (bass, vocals), John Kelly (drums), and Dan Parker (guitars) — released their first EP. On their new album, Prepare the Masses, the band are still channeling the reckless energy of their youth.

What’s the Deal? Prepare the Masses is an adeptly crafted mishmash of punk, metal, rock, and pop that makes these musicians sound much wiser than their 19 or 20 years. On “Shoot from the Hip,” anthemic woos smartly resound against raucous guitar and lovelorn lyrics like “Heartbreak baby is half the fun / You bring the bullets, I’ll bring the guns.” In fact, weapons just might provide the kind of change of pace these guys are looking for, as the marching title track beats out the call to arms, “With bullets blazing / The cowards hit the floor / Stand up and flight like men / Let God decide the score.”

Fun Fact: Jorge Hernandez first heard about the band by searching through the MP3.com for new bands. Fortunately for the boys of A Change of Pace, Hernandez started at the beginning of the alphabet. KRISTINA GRINOVICH

Now Hear This: A Change of Pace – “Shoot from the Hip” (Download MP3)

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