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Beirut Plays SpinHouse Live

As the seven members of Beirut bounded down the Spin staircase, decked out in sunglasses and bandanas, screaming shout-outs to themselves, and clutching various brass instruments, they looked more like a deranged version of your high school marching band than the next big thing. Beirut’s old-world sound was delivered with youthful execution and showed off their talent and diversity. The audience was taken on a tour through a European street fair, then they stumbled upon a Russian tragedy before curiously ending up at a full-fledged Mexican fiesta. Taking a cue from Arcade Fire, Beirut incorporated myriad instruments into their lively performance, including an empty bottle of Newcastle. With an obvious flair for the dramatic, it’s no wonder that while listening to Beirut one gets the feeling they’re in the closing montage sequence of a foreign film. STORY BY ILLYRIA TURK. PHOTOS BY KIVA KAMERLING

>> Watch the performance!

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