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The Art of Making Pancakes

In a move that may get Aunt Jemima shaking her tail feather, a Scotland-based songwriter/video producer has turned pancake making into a cutesy pop song complete with an expertly edited and totally fun music video. In it, a robotic voice sings “I like to make pancakes / They are so very tasty / I could eat them all day / Because they’re so very tasty,” as the video charges ahead, following the chef as he prepares the breakfast treat by cracking open eggs, churning the mix with a beater, and tapping on frying pans with spatulas to the music’s beat.

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Here are some choice comments from YouTube:

“Wow, this is just about the best video ever 😀 it awesome how you jump out of your bed, and the syrups and jams dance around 😛 that was awesome!” — TysonClips

“Them pancakes look flat and nasty!” — whodotcom

“Awesome video. I loved the beat and how the syrup, jams, and lemon danced around the plate. :)” — KiraKitten

“Wow, another great piece of work! The music in your videos is so damn catchy too! Simply awesome stuff. :)” — evo311

“OK, I have to turn this off. I’m STARVING!!!” — bluzlady

“One of the rawest pancake videos I’ve ever seen.” — rickybduc

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