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Aberdeen City

Who? After hitting the studio with Grammy-winning producer Steve Lillywhite, this Boston quartet are re-releasing a more polished version of their debut full-length, The Freezing Atlantic. Band members Chris McLaughlin (guitar/vocals), Ryan Heller (guitar), Rob McCaffrey (drums), and Brad Parker (vocals/bass) recorded the chilling album in an unheated ranch during the winter of 2005.

What’s the Deal? Given the icy conditions surrounding the album’s recording, it’s no wonder The Freezing Atlantic broods in its gorgeously intense guitar, dramatic melodies, and heavy rhythms. If song titles like “God Is Going to Get Sick of Me” and “Best Chances Are Gone” aren’t proof enough of some of the bitter themes Parker explores using his enveloping pipes, check the lines from joy-choking “Stay Still”: “If this all should end / You wouldn’t smile so polite / Hands upon the neck / Of every smile you see tonight.”

Fun Fact: As an adolescent, vocalist/bassist Brad Parker built a sensory deprivation chamber in his parents’ attic and spent much of his time inside it. KIANA PIROUZ

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