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Usher to Star in ‘Chicago’

The R&B singer will star in the Broadway production of Chicago, playing the role Richard Gere brought to life in the film version.

Usher is set to star in the Broadway musical, Chicago, playing the leading role of Billy Flynn, the lawyer-cum-publicist who agrees to represent homicidal dancer, Roxie Hart. The singing sensation will join the cast on August 27 and will stick with the show until October 1. “This is a very exciting time in my career,” Usher said in a statement. “I have always admired Broadway actors for their showmanship, dedication and focus that goes into performing live on stage every night. Being on Broadway allows you to connect to audiences in a whole new way that’s different from music and movies.” Usher joins a long line of celebrities who have starred in the Broadway show since it opened in 1996, including Melanie Griffith, Brooke Shields, and former Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson.

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