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The True iPod Phone

Speculation is mounting as to whether mega digital device innovator Apple Computer will unveil a mobile phone they’re rumored to be developing. Some tech savvy investigators on Appleinsider’s message boards have attempted to decipher the technical coding of what they’ve called the “iPhone.” In the code for iPod’s operating system, references to a phone may have been uncovered: commands to view call history, signal strength, and other settings. While it appears Apple is beginning to make their mark in the mobile device sphere, insiders are quick to remind would-be iPhone enthusiasts the speculations on the iPod-phone hybrid are still just rumors.

Here’s what the people are saying:

“More likely would seem a bluetooth-enabled iPod that doubles as a bluetooth headset. Since the code doesn’t seem to show things like dial, hang up, SMS [text messaging], etc. but only things a really high-end bluetooth connection might use, it seems more likely to me.” — japhar81,

“If this comes out I will buy it, but I am definitely not holding my breath.” — Killroyisaloser,

“Apple doesn’t need to make cell phones. There are plenty of cell phone manufacturers out there. They could make a good smart phone. But just a straight cell phone that plays iTunes music? Motorola already makes one. Apple will regret getting into the cell phone biz.” — Harlequn,

“Can you guys really doubt that Apple is going to make the slickest and best functioning MP3 phone? Think back a few years when Apple was announcing the iPod, Why would Apple make an MP3 player, all they know is computers, and the MP3 will be the same as all the others coming out. And everyone was wrong.” — DK,


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