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Super Secret Dance Society!

What started somewhere in Boston, MA with only a few secret dancing agents is now a larger than life dance extravaganza. A clandestine group called the Super Secret Dance Society is teaching hipsters how to get down, one silly move at a time. While details are obscure due to the secrecy of the community, did manage to receive this video documenting SSDS’s first official mission, aptly titled Operation Panther Storm, part of the clandestine group’s “viral plague of joy.” In it, you will see moves like the Panther, the Starburst, the Power Pull, and, our personal favorite, the Tornado, performed to Basement Jaxx’s “Breakaway.” But before you jump in head first, take it slow and learn the moves individually before diving into a full-on Panther Storm.

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Super Secret Dance Society – “Operation Panther Storm” QUICKTIME HI

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