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Summer Madness in Memphis

The Memphis Feel-Harmonic DJ Symphony Orchestra threw their biggest party so far this year — called Summer Madness — Saturday at Memphis’ Hi-Tone. The collective showcases four DJs spinning records simultaneously with guests including Hope Clayburn of the Tunnel Clones; DJs Aaron Rehling, Brian Analog, and Devil-Flake; and Steve Anne as emcee. Partygoers were urged to wear bikinis and swim trunks; many obliged. “We drop all kinds of styles, but they’re all in the party vein,” says Jason Sims, aka Witnesse, the collective’s Svengali. “It’s the new wave of party style deejaying. We’ll drop an ’80s funk record and then we’ll throw on a ’90s house record with some Amerie vocals on top of it, or a disco track with a hip-hop vocal.” RACHEL HURLEY

We asked: What’s so hot about Summer Madness? PHOTOS BY DRUE DIEHL

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