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News’s Fourth of July Playlists

Independence Day is the day where we as Americans celebrate the 1996 Jerry Bruckheimer-produced action extravaganza Independence Day. We take the time to remember the sacrifices made by Randy Quaid and the heroism of Will Smith. We contemplate how we ever let Bill Pullman be a film actor, and we wonder if Jeff Goldblum is like that all the time, and whether or not that would effect whether or not we’d like to meet him. I mean, I suppose if we did, we would just talk a lot about Jurassic Park or something, and he’s probably really sick of hearing those lines recited back to him, and…

Huh? What do you mean we celebrate the American Revolution by sitting by pools and grilling meat and watching things explode in the sky? That sounds like Communism to me. Real Americans are nobly tipping their hats to Will Smith’s large-breasted girlfriend in the film Independence Day, and they’re doing it to this soundtrack. KYLE ANDERSON

Elliott Smith – “Independence Day”
The Motion Sick – “Satellite”
Blink-182 – “Aliens Exist”
Judah Johnson – “Star Struck”
DragonForce, “Revolution Deathsquad”
Alkaline Trio – “Armageddon”
R.E.M. – “It’s the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)”
The National – “Looking for Astronauts”
Will Smith – “Men In Black”
David Byrne – “Astronaut”
Green Day – “2000 Light Years Away”
The Warlocks – “Above Earth”
Smashing Pumpkins – “Rocket”
Puff Daddy and the Family – “Victory”
Queen – “We Are the Champions”

When I think of summer BBQ, I think of heat, heat, and more heat. Whether it’s beating down on me from the sky, sizzling up at me from the grill, burning my mouth from spicy cuisine, or scorching my eyes from some sassy BBQ attendee, heat is omnipresent at these gatherings. So my list has a lot of hot tracks about hot stuff, and lots of fire! PETER GASTON

Afghan Whigs – “Somethin’ Hot”
Ash – “Burn Baby Burn”
Doves – “Walk in the Fire”
Fountains of Wayne – “Fire Island”
Franz Ferdinand – “This Fffire”
Phoenix – “On Fire”
Elvis Presley – “Burning Love”
Robbers on High Street – “Hot Sluts (Say I Love You)”
Talking Heads – “Burning Down the House”
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Y Control (Brooklyn Fire Retouch)”

The Fourth of July is the day we celebrate America’s birthday. Fun for all? Not if you’re British. And what’s worse than being British on the hour of this Union’s independence? Being French. The Fourth reminds the French that stateside potato enthusiasts have marginalized them as a populous. Deemed distinctly un-American, France’s supposed main exports (french fries, actually from Belgium) have been re-imagined as something unflaggingly patriotic (freedom fries). And while freedom has never tasted so salty, let’s cut our amis across the Atlantic a break. Vive la France! JULIA SIMON

Monsieur R – “L’independant”
French Kicks – “The Trial of the Century”
The Promise Ring – “Scenes From France”
MC Solaar – “Paradisiaque”
Daft Punk – “Da Funk”
NOFX – “Champs Elysees”
Brigitte Bardot – “Une Histore de Plage”
The Secret Machines – “What Used to be French”
Sergei Gainsbourg – “En Melody”
Wire – “French Film Blurred”
Air – “Ce Matin La”
Phoenix – “Napolean Sings”
Edith Piaf – “La Vie en Rose”

Fourth of July BBQs are a time for celebrating the good ol’ U.S of A by sporting denim cut-offs with American flag patches on the ass, smashing beer cans on your forehead, and rocking out with your proverbial cock out. ALYSSA RASHBAUM

Poison – “Nothin’ But a Good Time”
Def Leppard – “Let’s Get Rocked”
Guns N’ Roses – “Paradise City”
Van Halen – “Jump”
Styx – “Hot Child in the City”
Lynyrd Skynyrd – “Sweet Home Alabama”
Warrant – “Cherry Pie”
Bon Jovi – “99 In the Shade”
Motley Crue – “Smokin in the Boys Room”
Journey – “Don’t Stop Believin'”

This playlist speaks for itself. LANE BROWN

Andrew WK – “It’s Time to Party”
Andrew WK – “Party Hard”
Andrew WK – “I Love Music”
Andrew WK – “Party Til You Puke”
Andrew WK – “Fun Night”
Andrew WK – “We Want Fun”
Andrew WK – “Don’t Stop Living in the Red”
Andrew WK – “Victory Strikes Again”
Andrew WK – “Long Live the Party”
Andrew WK – “Tear It Up”

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