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The Simpsons Movie Unveiled!

The movie based upon the long-running, wildly-popular animated sitcom The Simpsons is slated to hit theaters worldwide July 27, 2007, and two sneak peeks at the flick have just hit the Internet. Screened at Comic-Con, a comic book convention in San Diego, these animated clips feature still-nascent and colorless illustrations, prompting Homer’s introduction of the second movie preview with, “So I don’t want anyone asking about the color!” The first clip hints at a major Homer mess-up (d’oh!) wherein the town of Springfield looks prepped to pillage the Simpsons’ home. It’s high drama everywhere — for the Simpsons family and The Simpsons‘ enthusiasts alike.

UPDATE: Fox has removed the preview clips from YouTube, but don’t have a cow, man! The Simpsons Movie hits theaters July 27, 2007.

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