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The Shys

Who? Formerly known as the Gun Shys, this San Clemente, CA-based four-piece — Kyle Krone (vocals/guitar), Alex Kweskin (keys/harmonica), Chris Wulff (bass/guitar), Mike Walker (drums/percussion) — have been all over the blogs and the TV. “Call in the Cavalry,” the first single off Astoria, has been featured in MTV’s Fast, Inc. and in HBO’s Entourage.

What’s the Deal? The title-track off the Shys’ debut captures the ethos of the album, which is full of thrashy numbers made even more reckless by Krone’s vein-popping tenor. On it, the Shys consistently and confidently churn through weighty layers of fuzz as if they want listeners to hear them sweat. For the band, it’s all about making enormous strokes of effort, and the track’s lyrics follow suit by depicting a seemingly semi-daft heroine who has much to learn, rent to pay, and a better life to come into.

Fun Fact: Kyle and Chris got their start playing together in Hush Hush, their high school band. JULIA SIMON

Now Hear This: The Shys – “Call in the Cavalry” (Download MP3)

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