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One Red Paperclip Swapped for a House!

Nearly one year ago, Kyle MacDonald set out to make a series of trades with people all around the world, hoping to eventually trade up from his original item — one red paperclip — to a house. On Saturday (July 8), he completed his quest, swapping a role in a Hollywood flick for a new pad in Canada. The home awarded to MacDonald, a 27-year-old from British Columbia, is in the town of Kipling, Saskatchewan, and it comes courtesy of the town’s mayor. Among the mayor’s offerings are giving the savvy barterer honorary lifetime citizenship in the town and recognizing a new holiday named after his One Red Paperclip project.

“That’s about the most unbelievable offer of all time,” MacDonald said on his blog. “I’d have to say the ‘key to the city’ was the clincher though. How often do you get offered a key to a city?” MacDonald also said, fittingly, that he’d paint the house red.

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