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New Music from Supersuckers

Download "Paid" and "Breaking Honey's Heart" from their newest EP -- they don't super suck!

Tuscon, Arizona-bred country punk vets Supersuckers are back with their umpteenth release, Paid (out July 25), and we’ve got two blazing tracks from it for download! “Paid” and “Breaking Honey’s Heart” are two of the EP’s roiling ditties, the former about focusing on work to move on after an ill-fated love affair (it’s got a slick guitar solo, to boot!), the latter a gorgeous ballad that explores the regret associated with singer Eddie Spaghetti’s less than forthcoming ways with his honey.

Now Hear This:
Supersuckers – “Paid” (Download MP3)
Supersuckers – “Breaking Honey’s Heart” (Download MP3)

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