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My Chemical Romance Frontman Writes Comic

My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way has taken up a unique sideproject: writing comic books. The singer signed on with Dark Horsecomics to produce a new series called Umbrella Academy, aboutSir Reginald Hargreeves, a “world-renowned scientist and inventor,intrepid adventurer, successful entrepreneur, champion cricketer, andcloset space-alien,” and his seven super-human kids, according to DarkHorse. In the comics, the kids need to “learn to get past theirspectacularly dysfunctional childhoods” to save the world.

“WhenGerard came to us, we were obviously excited and receptive to him doingcomics,” said Dark Horse’s Jeremy Atkins. “Once we saw it, we weretotally sold.” The first series of Umbrella Academy will makeits debut in early- to mid-2007 with six issues which will then becompiled into a graphic novel. Atkins says there will be several seriesin the next few years.

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