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Must-See Shows Before CBGB Closes

CBGB, the legendary music venue made famous in the late-’70s for housing then-upstarts like the Ramones and Talking Heads, may be shutting its doors in New York’s Lower East Side on September 30 and hightailing it to the Las Vegas strip, but it’s featuring some must-see acts before then. Sonic Youth just played a sold out gig there (read more), and it’s safe to assume there’ll be a similar draw at the historic club’s last shows. The as-yet-unannounced final live schedule is rumored to feature some of the artists who made the venue a rock’n’roll landmark. Among the confirmed dates so far are Artists of the Day Permanent Me (July 13, at CB’s 313 Gallery, read more) and Controlling the Famous (July 18, read more), insane Japanese sock-on-cock rockers Electric Eel Shock (July 19), the Adolescents (July 30), and Simon Dawes (August 3).

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