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Lance Bass: Out of the Closet

Lance Bass of *NYSNC fame publicly declared he’s gay and in a stable relationship with Amazing Race winner Reichen Lehmkuhl of (read more), inciting a tidal wave of buzz throughout the online community. Bass waited as long as he did to disclose his sexuality because he didn’t want the success of his band to be derailed, but it didn’t take the blogosphere more than a minute to weigh in. Most pop culture bloggers are showing some sympathy toward the former boy-band star while agreeing that the news isn’t exactly shocking.

Here’s what the people are saying:

“Way to go! I never ever liked *NSYNC, but Lance just earned respect in my books. Good for him. I can imagine how brave you must be to come out in show biz.” — Guest,

“I completely respect Lance’s choice to let everyone know how he feels. I think this is a wonderful opportunity for other artists to tell the public their sexual preference. If Lance’s publicity goes well it is possible other new (and old) artists will not be afraid to share their feeling.” — sunflowersing,

“I’m really upset…not that the fact that he’s gay…I’m not against that at all…but growing up he was my celeb crush…since I was 11-12 up to now (18). He was always the one I liked the most…I mean I knew I never had a chance in hell with him, but I was one of his biggest fans, and now that it’s official, I’m kinda sad :(” — *marcie*,

“To give him credit though, I think he came up with the best plan he could have. I challenge anyone out there to think of better way to shift focus away from one’s sexual orientation than by making plans to TRAVEL INTO SPACE.” — dan,

“No shit! This isn’t news — it’s publicity. This guy has been trying to keep his name in the news ever since *NSYNC tanked. C’mon, game show marathon, and now this? No one cares about this guy anymore– he’s old news.” — sean,

Talk: With *NSYNC out of the spotlight these days (their last album was released five years ago), why do you think the blogosphere is so interested in Lance Bass’ sexuality? COMMENT

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