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Hendrix Song Up for Auction

“Station Break,” a never-released song by Jimi Hendrix, will be sold to the highest bidder at a New York auction in October. The song was recorded in 1966, during a New York session early in the rock legend’s career. “It has never been clear why it was not released when other songs from that session were,” Wendy Chou, spokesperson for Ocean Tomo LLC, a merchant bank that specializes in intellectual property, told Reuters. During that same session, Hendrix recorded “Kato’s Special,” “Flying on Instruments,” “No Such Animal,” and a number of other songs that were all released.

“Station Break” was composed by Hendrix and Jerry Simon, president of R.S.V.P. Music, a label the artist signed to in 1966. It was Simon’s widow who found the recording in a closet in 1994 but decided not to sell it at the time. The winner of the auction for the track will also get the right to digitally remaster the recording, and half the proceeds of any royalties will go to the Hendrix estate.

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