David Hasselhoff: The Musical!

Actor/musician/cultural icon/parody David Hasselhoff is planning to appear in a musical based on his life, called — aptly — David Hasselhoff: The Musical. The onetime star of Knight Rider and Baywatch will head to Australia to star in the show which was reportedly inspired by The Young and the Restless, Knight Rider, and the songs of Teddy Pendergrass. The Hoff has experienced a pop culture resurgence recently thanks to the viral success of the YouTube clip for his latest single, “Jump in My Car” (read more), as well as roles in the film Click and on the reality show America’s Got Talent.

“I am also doing a heart-rendering set on my life and the mistakes I have made,” Hasselhoff told Celebrityweek.com. “It sounds like a bad joke, but it is really going to be a good show…totally campy. It’s written by the same people who wrote Bette Midler’s show and produced by the people who produced Chicago in London.” While the show will be in Melbourne for now, Hasselhoff hopes the show will make its way to America. “If it ends up in Vegas, how great would that be?” he said. “I want to entertain people. Sammy Davis, Jr., was my hero.”

Talk: Is the show worth seeing if K.I.T.T. is poorly cast, or is forced to partake in an interpretive dance scene? COMMENT

On the Web: davidhasselhoff.com


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