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Danko Jones

Who? Along with the gravelly vocals and racy guitar lines of leading man Danko Jones, the band includes bassist John Calabrese and drummer Dan Cornelius. John Garcia of Kyuss fame adds guest vocals on “Invisible.”

What’s the Deal? Sleep Is the Enemy is riotous rock’n’roll that cultivates irresistible urges to run around and break stuff. Whether you are clapping along with the anthemic “Don’t Fall in Love” or maliciously screaming along to their vicious single “Baby Hates Me,” Danko Jones are sure to rip you out of your emo-pop-funk slump.

Fun Fact: Jones used to pay his bills by working in a porn shop, and claims to have sold a Jenna Jameson video to actor Joe Mantegna. Also, the WWE chose “Baby Hates Me” for the opening credits of their pay-per-view special, Wrestlemania 22. KRISTINA GRINOVICH

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