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Chart-Topping Brit Lily Allen

Lily Allen’s single “Smile” off her debut Alright, Still has soared straight up the U.K. charts, topping Wyclef Jean and Shakira for the No. 1 slot. Allen, who is the daughter of comedian Keith Allen, has been garnering massive blog buzz stateside for her cheeky lyrics and for combining U.K. grime with soulful, summertime anthems. You can stream the debut from this already notoriously loquacious singer (she’s dissed the Kooks, Dirty Pretty Things, and the British soccer team in her blog) at

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Here’s what the blogs are saying about Lily:

“Yes, Stereogum too has been obsessed with Lily Allen. Especially because we know almost nothing about the blogosphere’s newest download darling from across the pond…Lily’s a female Mike Skinner, and absolutely infectious.” —

“She’s the 2006 blogosphere-MySpace-BBC-musicbiz hype queen, someone with canny marketing and a dad who’s a famous actor/singer. She’s also someone with a hell of a song — ‘LDN’ is one of my favourite singles of the year so far, and by far the year’s most secretly cynical summer hit.” —

“She got famous off of a MySpace page, and it’s pretty amazing to me that people can look at that site’s ugly-ass layout long enough to make anyone famous.” — Status Ain’t Hood at

“She could be big, could be, but three minutes tops. Best chances are she’ll sign to Vice, do a few mismanaged dates in New York to tepid response…The Lily Allen on all these MP3s is a heartless, spineless, too cool manipulative bitch who expects you to hold the door but only so she can tell her friends that she owns you, who sings how she dated a guy for a year and a half and was miserable the whole time and it’s his fault for ruining her ‘mental state’ and now she’s going to ruin his and Lily why the fuck did you stay in the relationship if you were miserable the whole time?” —

“Yowza. [Lily Allen’s album] is what summer should sound like, which means that by the time it finally makes it on to record, it’ll come across like one great big ice-cream-headache of a CD. I’ll still be first in line to buy it.” —

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