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Bravo Silva in NYC

Pianos, a New York City hipster haven, has become home to one of rock’s newest handful of hopefuls for the month of July: Bravo Silva. Led by Henry Silva, the musically inclined son of Academy Award winner Meryl Streep, and Joel Bravo, the band generously piles on synth, drums, horns, guitar, bass, and even more auxiliary percussion to create ’80s influenced pop licks. Last night’s the performance did not disappoint. Opening with the catchy, marching-band beat of “The Other Man,” the band wooed the packed venue as Silva’s Bono-esque vibrato sang through a half dozen of danceable, clappable, and all-around anthemic melodies that made them the crowd’s choice, and, of course, Sophie’s as well. Bravo Silva play next Wednesday, July 19, at Brooklyn’s Syrup Room. KRISTINA GRINOVICH

Now Hear This:
Bravo Silva – “Strawberry Blonde” (Download MP3)

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