Who? This Los Angeles-based quartet met as students in Boston and promptly moved to Los Angeles where they crafted their decadent and danceable pop sound. Ryan (vocals), Drew (guitar), Max (bass), and Nat (drums) are set to release their debut, A New Language, today via V2.

What’s the Deal? The Adored may have perfected their sass on the Sunset Strip, but A New Language is busting with undeniable Brit-pop influences. Sing-alongs like “We Don’t Want You Around” command you to hit the dancefloor — as long as you’re dressed right. The frantic “Tell Me Tell Me” opens the album with irresistibly danceable power-pop while the fist-pumping, mosh-pit ready “Savage Youth” follows suit before the set takes a slight downturn for “The Queen’s Head.”

Fun Fact: Pete Shelley of the Buzzcocks (a major influence for the Adored) contributed to the band’s first EP which came out in 2005, and the Buzzcocks invited the Adored along on recent U.S. dates. ALYSSA RASHBAUM

Now Hear This: The Adored – “Tell Me Tell Me” (Download MP3)

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On the Web: rocktheadored.com


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