Weird Al Spoofs James Blunt

Weird Al, the quirky song parodist who’s paraded around as everything from a New Kid on the Block to a gangsta rapper to a Jedi Knight, is back with his latest spoofy version of a chart-topping hit: James Blunt’s “You’re Beautiful.” Al morphs Blunt’s sensitive-guy appeal into visions of a Halo-playing, Star Trek-uniform-wearing, Slurpee-sipping loser. The chorus becomes a tongue-in-cheek tribute to this social reject: “You’re pitiful / You’re pitiful / You’re pitiful it’s true / Never had a date that you couldn’t inflate / And you smell repulsive, too / What a bummer being you.” We can’t wait to see the video…will Al rip off his shirt in the rain and cliff dive?

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Weird Al – “You’re Pitiful” (Download MP3)

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