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Who are you? “If you ask my friends they’d say I’m oversexed, but I’d like to think I’m quite playful. Everybody assumes I’m in a punk rock band, but for the record I’m releasing later this month (called Come Feel My Rhythm), I rap.”

Who do you want to meet? “In my fantasy world I’d have Dre, Snoop, Missy, Neptunes, and Timbaland in a studio just vibin’ with me musically. Also, I like good souls and people who are loyal.”

Where can we find you? MySpace

She Says: “I’m full of passion and I know what I want…and you bet your ass I’m gonna get it.”

Toddy: “Tippy is one of the most innovative contemporary artists I have heard in the New York music scene. Her lyrics are unexpected, sexy, intelligent, and emotional — indicative of struggle, soul, and substance. I’m a fan fo’ life.”

Bianca: “She is creative, sexual, and holds it down like no other. Tippy is the total package, oozing with talent and keepin’ it real.”

Prayon: “Tippy is defining the culture clash between downtown and ‘hood and the girl is my biggest music revelation right now. She is so focused on her music, though, it seems like she isn’t aware of how beautiful and sexy she really is.”