Teens Use MySpace to Set Up Robbery Victim

A Jacksonville man says he was tricked and robbed by two teenage girls when he tried to make contact with a woman he met on MySpace. The man says he had been chatting online with a woman whose profile said her name was “Natalia” and that she was 18 years old, and they decided to meet at her apartment. When the victim entered the home, he was allegedly approached by two girls, ages 14 and 15, who told him they knew Natalia, then put a gun to the man’s head and made him empty his pockets. After searching the area, police found the two teens who have since been charged with armed robbery and carrying a concealed firearm. In the past few months, MySpace has come under fire with lawsuits accusing the site of failing to protect its underage female users from older male users, but this is the first well-publicized incident in which an older man claimed to be victimized by younger women.

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