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Study: Men with Older Brothers More Likely to Be Gay

Men with older brothers are more likely to be gay than those without, according to a new study published in the journal of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The finding is not based on social factors, but on the as-yet undetermined biological events that happen in the mother’s womb when she gives birth to boys. According to Canadian psychologist and lead researcher Anthony Bogaert, who analyzed over 900 men and their fraternal siblings, each older brother increases the chances that a younger male sibling is gay by 33 percent. Bogaert has estimated in a previous study that approximately one in seven gay men can attribute their homosexuality to the birth order of brothers.

Here’s what the people are saying:

“If it is based on genetics, will it be treated as a birth defect? A disease? Can it be treated? Should it be?” — divemedic,

“It’s so preposterous! ‘They’ keep studying homosexuality to find the ’cause’ as if there was something WRONG with being gay or lesbian. The only problems homosexuals have that everyone else doesn’t have, is the psychological impact of negative HETEROSEXUAL ATTITUDES!” — R. A. Earl,

“Oh, I see. Let’s blame the world’s mothers.” —

“These findings, if conclusively confirmed, will have huge ramifications for the gay rights movement, since they would determine that, at least in some cases, male homosexuality results from an immune system problem, an idea that crashes headlong into postulations that male homosexuality is genetically determined.” — Rocco DiPippo,

“Speaking as someone from the Gay Left would (or should if they had principles): If a mother knew there were a biological increase in her baby being born gay…why not have the right to abort that baby? Or treat the suggested ‘antibodies’ with a pre-natal genetic therapy to ‘cure’ the gayness before it is born?” — Bruce,

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