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Sprite Gets Sublyme

Sprite, the trusty lemon-lime soft drink, is getting its first makeover in over a decade. The beverage is relaunching with Sprite SubLYMONal ads, a fun, full-force campaign focusing on its lemon-lime twist. The introductory voiceover on all of the commercials greets viewers with, “Welcome to SubLYMONal advertising. For best results, do not blink,” and features tons of quick cuts to encourage watchers to keep their eyes peeled.

One commercial features two sumo wrestlers (one painted yellow, the other green) about to collide into a skinny, tuxedoed kid, and the other shows a man undergoing a Sprite-fueled spa treatment, complete with a lemon slice covering one eye and a lime on the other. While neither colliding with heavyweights nor enduing a citrus eye-peel sound all that appealing, Sprite SubLYMONal ensures it will refresh.

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Sprite “Sumo” ad QUICKTIME HI
Sprite “Spa” ad QUICKTIME HI

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